Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell adobo

when we moved into this house about two and a half years ago i met a little black dog named Adobo. she was spunky and funny and would ruuuuuuun to greet me when she saw me. that was until she realized i would tattle on her as soon as i realized she'd snuck out. and when she became cognizant of the fact she'd been caught she'd feign as though she was both deaf and lame.

she was the biggest eloper you ever did meet.

gate left open? SCORE!

10 foot fence? no problem.

this week she started moving much slower and her little 14 year old body decided it was no longer able to keep going. i got to see her a few more times, last night she even gave me a slight little wag of her tail.

i loved that dog.

with tears in my eyes and love in my heart i say, rest in peace Adobo...

noon to four

i will be heading into work shortly to get a few loose ends tied up before opening at 11:00. around an hour later i will be heading home to wait for our new dishwasher to be delivered. i opted not to pay the extra $100 to have someone else install it. jim, the gentleman who sold me the new washer, peered over his glasses when i originally said i wanted them to. he said something along the lines of, "really? you really want to pay us $99.99 to install it? it's really not that hard if you're handy." well, anyone who knows me knows that that was the invite to do it myself.

i fancy myself a tool belt girl. i can get jobs done and done right the first time. hell, between myself and my bff we retiled the kitchen backsplash. and people tell us it looks like a pro did it!

so last night i embarked on the uninstalling the old washer (who had decided that it wanted to be persnickety and be incredibly difficult to open). we decided to use some of our xmas money we were gifted towards a new dishwasher. i can hardly wait to get it in the's just that pretty.

let me tell you, unhooking the old washer wasn't difficult to do, but it was a tricky angle to do it. i did some amazing yogic poses when i wasn't even trying. i didn't realize i would fit under the sink and around the disposal. but somehow i did and the water is turned off, hose unhooked, and the return hose is also pulled out. i just have to cut the power and then cut the wire. sadly it wasn't simply plugged into the wall via a socket and i will have to do a bit of splicing. but jim assured me this was an easy task. same to same and we bought the installation pack for doing such, just in case.

i will kick ass. i will get this bad boy installed tomorrow (unless i get the wild hair to do it today). it's official, too. i am an adult. i've never been so excited about an appliance....

just wait until we get a new range.

Friday, December 25, 2009

happiest of holidays

the fire is burning.
mom and simon are napping on the sofa.
josie is guarding her new toy which gifted to her from our neighbor's dog, adobo.
dad is loading photos from this trip onto his computer.
kev is doing crosswords.
chloe is sleeping on our bad.
i am thankful for a full house.

hope you and yours are having the loveliest of lovely days.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the menus are set

next week my parents arrive. i am so excited i can hardly stand it. they will be here for a whole week. of course i have to work a few of those days, but they understand it is what i have to do during the holidays.

anyone who knows me, knows i'm a planner. well about certain things. menus for upcoming visits, outfits to pack for trips that are months away, knitting to take on those trips...yeah, a planner.

i've got the dinner menus set for my parents visit.

the night they arrive, kev is working late. so it will just be the three of us for dinner. a few months ago kev made an amazing baked ziti with scallops and shrimp. i think that would be a great first dinner of the visit.

the next night we are having my best girls (from college) over so we can all visit. chunky black bean chili in the slow cooker. i'll make a double batch of corn bread, too.

on thursday that week my plan is to make a bean and corn soup. i am thinking there will probably be corn bread left over.

friday is the main event and i am going all out. a molasses brined turkey, mushroom and bacon stuffing, mom's potatoes, green beans, rolls, ginger snap gravy, with shoo-fly pie for dessert.

saturday we will not want to think of cooking so kev will bring home pizza from work.

sunday we have reservations at The Chart House. i've never been, but mom and dad went last time they were here. they have friends who moved out here a few years ago. she actually was my science teacher for about a week in jr. high school.

monday, their last night in town, kev is going to make his amazing vodka penne. i crushed some tomatoes this fall and added seasonings so kev could make it for them. it's so damn good.

like i said, i can hardly wait!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

pie on the mind

one of my fondest memories from when i was a little girl is sneaking pie with my grandpa. nobody knew what we were up to. he'd stand guard and i would creep under the table to the cabinet where grandma would put the desserts. the cabinet was built into the table. shoo-fly pie was our favorite. still is mine.

last week i made one and while the actual filling was perfect, the crust was not. it was too thick and took away from the flavors of the pie itself. i hadn't been able to locate a great crust recipe i'd found online, nor could i remember the site or find it in my history.

today i decided to start thinking about the holidays and what food i shall be making. the menu is coming along quite nicely, i must say. what should i find in the bread section of my recipe box? that crust recipe!!

so, even though i made the pie just last week, i think i must make it again. to see if i have truly perfected it.