Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this feeling

i can't quite shake this weird anxious feeling lately. at the beginning of the year i opted to live life differently and changed the direction things were going. i went back to an hourly rate at the clog store and stepped down from the role of general manager. i took a pay cut with this choice, and i knew it would mean i'd have to find the money elsewhere. 

i started selling glasses direct to people for Amy Sacks Eyewear, a local Portland company. sales have been going well and i can see the potential of it growing to something really great. the only thing i'm having a hard time seeing is how to garner interest in hosting a trunk show (still not sure what i want to call them, but not parties). so far, i've had two people host events and one won free frames. at the one get together i had at the house, and drew a name for who would play "host" to it, i had a friend win a free pair. 

i also worked in the world of tv production on the craft service team for a show that tapes here in pdx. it was awesome and exhausting and fun all at once. there is a season, for the filming of things, and we're about to hit the slow season. i guess i got in late in the game? i'm hoping that there will be a commercial or two i can work on, to earn some extra cash. 

meanwhile, i'm just trying to rid myself of this feeling of a low dose of adrenaline being constantly let into my system. it isn't a good feeling and i wish it would go away. 

any suggestions on how to get people intrigued by the idea of hosting an event...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh life, how fun it is

many of my friends and family have been wondering what all my posts on facebook have been about, with the overnight jobs, etc. i figured i should just blab a bit here...

i still am working at the shoe store (where i have the worlds most awesome boss) on a part time basis. i have a few floor days, but also have a floating office day. my boss has allowed me to step down from some responsibilities that were no longer fun for me (and quite overwhelming since we have grown to 7 stores over the past 10 years...what, with increasing his staff from 3 to 26). the office day can be divided up between writing checks and filing and being creative in the stores and on the web.

back in october of last year, i helped a friend on her wedding day by overseeing every little detail so she was allowed the luxury of being a bride and enjoying her guests. she said it was perfect, which swelled my heart. :) why am i telling you this? well, she owns her own business, old school craft services.  some of their guests were people they work with in the industry (her husband works along side her). many asked her what production company i worked for and they all were a little surprised to hear i sold shoes. never, in a million years, did i think that day would be the biggest job interview i would ever have. i've been training with her since march, anytime she can hire me on. it's been exhilarating.

and as if that's not enough? i started selling eyewear (which most of my dear ones know about already). check out amy sacks for more of that.

there are many stories, but i'm too pooped to tell any right now.

Friday, May 06, 2011

"[they go] up to eleven"

happy eleventh, bay-bee!
Eleven years ago today, I was given the most beautiful rings as a token of my dear Kevin's love and commitment.

 The rings that, after the first year of wearing them, I developed an allergy, making wearing them sporadic.

The rings that, after losing 45 lbs, are now too big and slip and slide around on my finger, when I can wear them.

The rings that I love so very much from the man I love even more.

I've had to put my rings to bed, as I don't think we should spend the money resizing rings that make my finger break out into a lovely rash every so often. Mmmm, rash.

Happy Anniversary, My Love... 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my world, upside down

a few weeks ago now we learned the dog has become diabetic. i think, honestly, we were pretty close to losing her. thankfully, we now have her on an insulin injection, twice a day. unfortunately this means we have to give her shots, twice a day. she's a whole lot of awesome, and allows us to give her the shots easily, but on two occasions i have gotten a small yelp out of her. talk about heart breaking.

i also recently started selling Amy Sacks Eyewear directly to people. this venture allows people who may want to buy new glasses, but the normal cost (average cost for new frames and lenses is close to $450!!) isn't even a blip on the radar. just sold a complete pair, with the addition of a hard case for $10, all for the low price of $145.50!! the girl was flabbergasted, to say the least. i gots to keep that dog in insulin, people!

interested in learning more about it, visit the blog i've started writing about my adventure. the eyes have it

you can earn some nice extra $$ with a little work (but mostly fun!).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the year of personal change

i had an epiphany of sorts the beginning of this year. i walked into our bedroom and saw the pile of my clothes next to the bed and i thought to myself, "really? this is how i want to live?" 

it was that moment i decided i was done being a slob. i think it's safe to say that we all have fallen prey to that life now and again. a dish left in the sink overnight, crumbs not being wiped from the counter, bed going unmade (i swear, getting into a made bed beats trying to navigate the mess of sheets and blankets if you don't make the bed). it started to make me realize at the age of 38, i have to grow up and stop being lazy.

i shared this with kev and i have to say, we've both been doing our part (with one or two slip ups here and there). it's felt good. i feel like i'm being present in my life again. 

this is the year i stop living lazy. 

"things are gonna change, i can feel it."  Loser by Beck

Saturday, November 20, 2010

yes, it's been a while.

so i know it's been a while since i've written anything. i call it, lack of inspiration...

until two days ago. i had a total FML (Ef My Life) moment.

i walked in the door, the smell was there. cold dog shit. i looked all around and instead found slimy dog vomit. start cleaning that up (after donning rubber gloves) and when almost complete i notice the second spot of old dog vomit. i wonder how we both managed to miss it and walked towards it, ready to clean. that's when i saw...the mother freaking load of dog vomit.

it was like a comedy at this point. i was waiting to turn yet another corner and find dog shit. thankfully i didn't. josie's acting fine, not out of sorts. i've started giving her smaller portions and so far, knock on wood, she's not had another incident since. 

yeah, it takes dog vomit to inspire me. what kind of a sick person am i?!?!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thanks dad

we had our first photo shoot today. she does nice work. no broken images when transferred from camera to computer. yea! didn't have to do too much tweaking of the images, either. pretty happy about that, must say.

thanks, dad, we still need to talk price. love you.