Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this feeling

i can't quite shake this weird anxious feeling lately. at the beginning of the year i opted to live life differently and changed the direction things were going. i went back to an hourly rate at the clog store and stepped down from the role of general manager. i took a pay cut with this choice, and i knew it would mean i'd have to find the money elsewhere. 

i started selling glasses direct to people for Amy Sacks Eyewear, a local Portland company. sales have been going well and i can see the potential of it growing to something really great. the only thing i'm having a hard time seeing is how to garner interest in hosting a trunk show (still not sure what i want to call them, but not parties). so far, i've had two people host events and one won free frames. at the one get together i had at the house, and drew a name for who would play "host" to it, i had a friend win a free pair. 

i also worked in the world of tv production on the craft service team for a show that tapes here in pdx. it was awesome and exhausting and fun all at once. there is a season, for the filming of things, and we're about to hit the slow season. i guess i got in late in the game? i'm hoping that there will be a commercial or two i can work on, to earn some extra cash. 

meanwhile, i'm just trying to rid myself of this feeling of a low dose of adrenaline being constantly let into my system. it isn't a good feeling and i wish it would go away. 

any suggestions on how to get people intrigued by the idea of hosting an event...